About Us

Nothing More Affordable than Our Prices:

Our primary virtue lies in our name. As you might have guessed, we offer some of the most affordable prices in the market to our customers.Our rates are not at all competitive. In fact, we go well beyond the competition to offer you the lowest possible rates.

Now you might be thinking on the lines of the phrase, ‘the lower the price of a product, the worse is its quality.’ Believe it or not! This commonly used phrase doesn’t apply to us at all. You would be surprised to know that our services are way too superior to the rates we offer. People consider our services to be at par with the most reputed moving organizations in the country. And our customers will tell you that we are even better than most other companies.

We value loyalty and don’t hesitate to drop our rates for repeat customers, but the quality of our services will remain the same. Our offerings are not simply limited to the regular benefits of any moving company. We not only meet all the expectations of our customers, but also strive to go beyond those.

We don’t go by any specific motto. Our services are flexible enough to accommodate all the needs of our customers, and then some. We understand that clients are not mere robots with a set number of specifications in mind. Whims and desires do count for something after all. And we are here to fulfill all your dreams, making your moving process as easy as possible.

You only need to sit back and relax, watch a soap opera or play poker with your buddies, while we get all the work done. You are always welcome to oversee the proceedings or to lend a hand.

What Sets Us Apart?:

  • Geographical Knowledge:Be it going around the Wood Canyon creek or the San Joaquin hills, we know every commutable part of the city thoroughly. Our drivers can maneuver the vehicle even through the remotest of lanes and byways of the town deftly. You only need to let us know your destination, and we will plan the best route.
  • Efficient Employees:We don’t just take any straggler under our wing. We analyze the knowledge and skill of the candidate before hiring him/her. And yeah, we don’t differentiate in gender or race as long as the person is efficient enough for our work.
  • Additional Services:Apart from the standard procedure of moving and packing, we also provide a few additional services for your benefit. We will load each of your belongings, heavy or light, onto the carriage. We will even clean it up after the packing and wrapping is done. Furthermore, we will help you unpack your goods and arrange them in the places you desire in your new house.
  • Thus, we are not like most kind of movers who only think about the actual moving process. We delve into the intricacies of the remotest moving procedures and try to resolve those as best we can, while still reducing the end price to a bare minimum.

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