The critical part of moving any kind of residence or corporate office premises is the furniture transport. You can pack and move all your regular stuff out of the house without any aid, but when it comes down to moving your furniture, you will need nothing less than professional help. Though some people will try to talk you out of hiring professionals, stating that you can get your tables and chairs wrapped in a regular newspaper, you are always welcome to scour the internet for possible mishaps during a furniture move, and we can assure you that most of them have occurred due to improper packing and wrapping of furniture products, and a select few due to reckless drivers.

  • Rigid Packing: The first and the foremost thing that we ensure of our clients is the level of packing and wrapping involved regarding furniture. We don’t use the normal newspapers to get the work done. We use the weather worn shrink wraps to ensure the integrity of your tables and chairs. All your glass materials will also be packed with those shrink wraps.
  • Dismantling Procedures: Some of the furniture cannot be fitted inside a regular carriage of a truck. For instance, you cannot push a huge closet inside. And why would you want to simply drop it horizontally when you can safely dismantle its parts and place them securely in a carton during transport? Long wooden pieces are more prone to breaking than short dismantled ones. That is how we will protect your furniture from harm. We will help you dismantle it as much as we can, wrapping it securely inside a brown box and unloading at your new place of residence. And you don’t need to fit the puzzles in back all by yourself either. We will get that work done for you as well.
  • Freedom from Termites:The biggest problem that arises during a furniture move is the danger of termites. Termites can cut through a piece of wood as easily as a blunt knife through butter. We will ensure that all our truck carriages are free of those meddling creatures. Our wraps will not only protect your furniture against the living destroyers, but also against the natural elements. Humidity is the greatest factor that might prove to be pretty harmful for wooden pieces, especially during long distance moves. We will ensure that the humidity at the back of our truck is well under control. Moreover, our wraps will also ensure that the water vapor doesn’t reach the insides of your furniture.

This is the way we operate, always ensuring that our customers get the most benefit out of our arrangements. Our prices are affordable, our services, outstanding, and our innovations, fascinating. You will be equally fascinated by our wrapping procedures once you hire us. We will get your furniture wrapped, rolled, and ready within the shortest possible time, ensuring that we meet every kind of deadline that you throw at us.

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