It is important to form a moving checklist a few months before the moving day. And you should not leave it at the penning process. You need to follow every bit of instruction mentioned in there. A checklist is exactly how you will smoothly progress through the moving procedure. So without further ado, here is what you will need to include in your personal moving checklist.

Two Months Afar:

  • You always need to keep two months at hand before making the actual move.In essence, you will need at least two months for arranging your belongings for the big move.
  • Start off with sorting your belongings, the needed ones from the useless stuff. You don’t want to leave that for later. Don’t hesitate to throw away the old stuff, some things that don’t carry any memories with them, and even some of those that do!
  • Start your search for the best moving services in the city. Ideally, you would want to consider the most popular ones in your town, but you may also wish to take your budget into account. Shortlist the ones that best fit your requirements. Also, give them a call and ask for a quote if possible.

Six-Seven Weeks Afar:

  • Manage your child’s school records. Find all the admission papers and report cards that you can gather. The ones that you can’t, submit an application to the school for those.
  • Search for moving suppliers that offer the cheapest rates; and we can assure you that you won’t find any cheaper and better than at Affordable Movers in Aliso Viejo.
  • Also, you can order for packers and wrappers at our organization. We will send those to you in the shortest possible time.

One Month Afar:

  • It is time to pick the best mover among your lot of the shortlisted ones. Notify the manager or consultant of that company of your appointed date of move.
  • Once you have sorted out all the goods, commence with your packing process. Take the aid of your movers as well at this point.
  • Any reputed mover will spontaneously label the boxes with their content, but if they don’t then remind them of the same.
  • Reach out to all your electricity, convenience, phone, gas, and other suppliers to notify them of the change of your address. They would either furnish you with their dealer at the new location, or they would simply update their register.
  • Get your medical records in place. Contact your family doctor asking him/her for the required prescriptions and recommendations in your new neighborhood. Also, refill all your prescriptions if need be.

Two Weeks Afar:

  • Let your boss know about your move. Ask for at least a couple of days off from work during and after the moving day.
  • Your vehicles need to be taken care of. Contact your regular garage people to get your car or motorbike tuned up.
  • Finally, reconfirm your arrangements with the moving company. Make sure that they would turn up at your place at the appointed hour.

One Week Afar:

  • All you need to do at this point is to double-check everything you have accomplished so far. Scour every nook and corner of your house to check whether or not you have left anything behind.
  • Take a bit of much needed rest and let the employees of the moving company dress your belongings up for the final move.

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