We know that even the smallest of picture frames is as special to you as that strongbox which holds your most precious jewelry. However, these items can be easily wrapped and packed inside a box to ensure their safety. We are not talking about the specialty of the items in an abstract, heartfelt manner. In this section, we are referring to those items that require special care during transport, even they mean nothing to you whatsoever.

  • Glass Materials: Every product that is made out of glass needs special care, even if it is nothing more than a magnifying lens. We are known to transfer the delicate chemistry sets down to the huge glass aquariums without inflicting a single scratch on them.
  • Easily Breakable Stuff:Are you surprised to know that many more easily breakable things than a normal piece of glassware? There are the ceramics that need special care. You can’t just expect to dump your ceramic bowls and vases into a single box without expecting them to break. Half the stuff in your household is prone to breaking, and we will definitely take great care of each of your belongings. We would only take much greater care in wrapping and binding the easily breakable stuff.
  • Scientific Equipment: If you already have a telescope or a microscope in your house, you would know how much care was required to transport those fragile things to your place. The same level of care is needed to transport them again to your new house. We don’t claim to be masters at manufacturing those instruments, but we definitely boast of a long history for carefully wrapping those materials, without affecting their integrity in the least.
  • Pianos and Guitars:And by pianos, we mean those huge musical instruments that need more than a couple of strong willed men to move them from one place to another. Guitars, electric or otherwise, need to be wrapped in proper condition in order to ensure the integrity of the strings. Bagpipes and drums can be easily detached and rolled inside a moving blanket.
  • Guns and Rifles: We would highly recommend that you place your firearms inside a safe, separating the ammo from the mechanics. We would also suggest that you purchase a fireproof safe if you don’t already have one. We will take care of the rest. You can leave the packing of the safe to us. If you don’t have a safe specially catered to carry firearms, we will suggest a few suppliers that will get you one. Additionally, you need to inform us during the hiring process that you need to move firearms as well. We don’t mind moving guns and rifles, it’s just that we like to be informed of the same beforehand.
  • Artificial Lawns: Under normal circumstances, we will simply roll your lawn to fit it inside the truck, but if your backyard needs special conditions for the move, we are up for that as well. We understand that artificial lawns are as delicate as the natural ones. And we have enough biological experts in our midst to take good care of your grasses and plants during the transport.

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